Supported Platforms

Cross-platform Support

Enyo 2 was designed from the ground up to bring a consistent, object-oriented application programming model to all modern web environments and devices that use them.

In general, Enyo can be expected to run across all relatively modern, standards-based web environments popular today. It is a huge responsibility to ensure that Enyo works with high performance across the variety of browsers and devices in the market, so we have classified them into three tiers, to help you understand what we view as minimum requirements for practical app development and how we prioritize our testing and issue resolution.

Expect this matrix to be adjusted over time as the market share of devices, browsers, operating systems, and their versions changes.

Tier 1: Supported at high priority
Highest-priority testing and issue resolution
Desktop Browsers Chrome (latest) Mac Win  
Safari (latest) Mac
Firefox (latest) Mac Win
IE11, IE10, IE9, IE8 Win
Mobile Browsers iOS7, iOS6 Phone Tablet
Android 4+ Chrome Phone Tablet
Android 4+ Stock Phone Tablet
Kindle Fire Tablet
Kindle Fire HD Tablet
Blackberry 10 Phone
Windows 8.1 (IE11) Tablet
Windows Phone 8 (IE10) Phone
Packaged Apps iOS7, iOS6 (PhoneGap) Phone Tablet
Android 4+ (PhoneGap) Phone Tablet
Win Phone 8 (PhoneGap) Phone
Blackberry 10 (PhoneGap) Phone
Chrome Web Store App Desktop
Windows 8.1 Store App   Tablet Desktop
LG webOS 4 Smart TV

Tier 2: Supported
Supported, with lower-priority testing and issue resolution
Desktop Browsers Opera Mac Win Linux
Chrome >10, <latest Mac Win Linux
Firefox >4, <latest Mac Win Linux
Safari >5, <latest Mac Win  
Mobile Browsers iOS5, iOS4 Phone Tablet
Android 2.3 Stock Phone
Android 4+ Firefox Phone Tablet
Firefox OS (pre-release) Phone
Tizen OS (pre-release) Phone
Android 3 Stock Tablet
Android Opera Mobile Phone Tablet  
BlackBerry 6-7 Phone
BlackBerry Playbook Tablet
webOS 3.0.5 Tablet
webOS 2.2 Phone  
Packaged Apps iOS5, iOS4 (PhoneGap) Phone Tablet
Android 2.3 (PhoneGap) Phone
Firefox OS (pre-release) Phone
Tizen OS (pre-release) Phone
Windows 8 Store App   Tablet Desktop
Windows (Intel AppUp) Desktop

Tier 3: Partial support
One or more framework features severely limited by platform
Mobile Browsers Windows Phone 7.5 Phone  
* Mouse/touch events and widgets that rely on them limited due to partial lack of support on platform

No support
Web stack not sufficiently capable for practical webapp development
Desktop Browsers IE <8   Win  
Mobile Browsers Windows Phone 7.0 Phone
BlackBerry <6 Phone
Symbian Phone
Opera Mini Phone