Get Enyo


The best way to get started with Enyo is to grab enyo-dev from npm. This includes a project setup and deployment tools to help developers get started with Enyo right away.

            npm install -g enyo-dev

Once you've installed enyo-dev, create a new project with the enyo init command. Visit our Getting Started section for more information.

Individual Repos from GitHub

Enyo on GitHub

More advanced developers who are contributing to Enyo, developing Enyo libraries, or just prefer to work at the bleeding edge may prefer to pull Enyo and its libraries as independent repos from GitHub.


Nightly Snapshots

Enyo nightly server

We host nightly snapshots of Enyo core and official libraries, as well as the API viewer and Sampler (enyo-strawman) code. Use this to test your app against the bleeding edge or just see what we're up to, without needing to pull from GitHub. We plan to keep about 2 weeks of archived snapshots available.

Enyo on jsFiddle

Enyo on jsFiddle

jsFiddle is a great service for creating and sharing live snippets of HTML/JS/CSS code. We make the latest stable releases as well as nightly snapshots of Enyo available on jsFiddle, so you can experiment, work up samples, and share them with others. We find it especially useful when filing bug reports or posting to the forums to include a link to a fiddle that reproduces your problem or question. Make sure you select Enyo from the Framework drop down, and use the "no wrap (body)" option.