Enyo Apps on Windows 10

In this article, we present instructions for developers wishing to deploy Enyo applications to PCs, tablets, and phones running Windows 10, via the Windows Store.

Before You Begin

In order to build and test your Enyo application for Windows 10, you will first need the following:

Building and Testing

1. Create Your Enyo Application

Build your Enyo application as described here.

2. Create a New Visual Studio Project

3. Build and Deploy Your Project Locally

In Visual Studio, select Debug > Start Debugging to build and debug your project on your local PC.

4. Build and Deploy Your Project on a Remote Device (Surface or PC)

First, install Remote Tools for Visual Studio 2012 on your Microsoft Surface.

Then, launch and configure the debugger that you just installed.

4. Build and Deploy Your Project on a Windows 10 Mobile Device