ilib and enyo-ilib

To meet its localization needs, webOS uses a new open source library called ilib. If you have worked with webOS in the past, you may remember that it previously used a library called g11n, which has since been released to the open source community as part of the enyojs project. g11n has been deprecated and should not be used in new Enyo projects going forward.

The good news for those who've worked with g11n is that, in several ways, ilib is quite similar. For example, the $L("string") syntax is still used for string localization. Also, while the two libraries' APIs for formatting dates, times, and numbers are somewhat different, the functionality offered is largely the same.

These similarities make sense when you consider that ilib is maintained by Edwin Hoogerbeets, the original author of g11n, who has returned to work with SVL as a contract employee. TV app developers will be pleased to note that Edwin has created a compatibility library, enyo-ilib, to wrap ilib's functionality for easy access from Enyo apps.

enyo-ilib is included in bootplate-moonstone by default, so in the vast majority of cases, you shouldn't need to clone it separately. However, in the event that you do, the following command should work:

    git clone http://polar.lge.com:8100/gitweb?p=zz-github_mirror/enyojs/enyo-ilib.git

For a more comprehensive treatment of this subject, see Edwin's webOS Globalization Guide.

Visit the ilib Web site for the complete API reference and an interactive demo.


Typically, app developers will not need to concern themselves with the fonts that are used in their apps. However, you may be interested to know how the framework determines which font is used: