We have evaluated several cross-platform development solutions and chosen Enyo because it offers the best compromise between richness and quality of the user interface and low development effort.

— Nicolas Porteix, CTO, Airweb

At Beeweeb, we are pleased to see that Enyo shares our heritage of innovation and roots in mobile. We loved Enyo 1.0 and we love Enyo 2.0 even more! We were extremely impressed by its performance, enabling the development of rich applications that are fast and fluid. The Enyo framework and its components will be familiar to any front end developer. Its elegant component model allows us to develop complex applications with an eye to reusability and maintainability. With the high cost and scarcity of native developers, Enyo allows us to attain native quality at a fraction of the cost.

— Tullio Nascimben, CTO, Beeweeb

At Brandwidth, we always look for leading-edge design and development tools that offer best value for clients and users, particularly when creating digital experiences that work across platforms. Enyo's functionality and features allows us to create, prototype and test user experiences across multiple mobile devices seamlessly, while reducing significantly the development costs for clients.

— Andrew Ayling, Head of Development, Brandwidth

We feel that mobile application development will evolve profoundly. Based on our experience, and based on our customers' requirements, our wish list for a great mobile application is:
  • fast - with interface transitions, upload and download as fast as possible
  • small - to download and open quickly
  • flexible interface - wide range of interface customizations - graphics, controllers, effects, component customizations...
  • native functions interoperability - fully interact with all mobile device native functions
  • cost efficient - to develop as well as to maintain
  • develop & deploying quickly - our corporate clients don't have time to lose!
  • multi device development - develop a single app for most of the smartphones existing on the market and if possible also for the web
Until we saw Enyo, we thought it was only a future promise/dream of html5. Now having seen it, we feel Enyo responds perfectly to these requirements, and we're using it to contribute to our business growth. We're very happy to have found what Enyo offers - we think it represents the future of mobile development.

— Viorel Bucur, CTO, Cronos

Golden Gekko is a global provider of cross platform development. We deliver the full range from mobile web (HTML5), to native app development on all platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Bada and many more. As a true cross platform developer, always prioritizing providing the best solutions for our customers to reach their objectives, it is important for Golden Gekko to have a rich portfolio of the best tools in the market for delivery. With Enyo we have added an important tool to our portfolio which will enable us to continue to deliver the best quality and most cost efficient solutions for our customers.

— Michael Eriksson, Chief Commercial Officer, Golden Gekko

Building for multiple platforms has become a necessity in the post-PC world. Enyo helps to fulfill the cross-platform promise of HTML5, accelerating development and enabling great user experiences on all types of devices.

— Chris Jones, Principal, Hot Studio

Enyo is light, fast and fluid compared to other frameworks we've used. No doubt because from its conception Enyo was built for mobile as well as desktop. Others we've used were built for desktop then later adapted to mobile - we could feel the difference. As a result Enyo is fast and fluid on mobile platforms, but also extensible to any desktop browser. Enyo's quick learning curve allowed us to quickly produce rich applications - we found the Enyo tool set to be second nature to any front end developer.

— Frederic Masion, CTO, Kreactive

Mobivery is the leading Spanish company in development of applications for smartphone and tablets, in consumer markets as well as corporate markets. We do really appreciate smart development frameworks that help us creating excellent apps with quality and simplicity. Given the wide offer in mobile devices and operating systems it is crucial to reach the most users as possible without unaffordable costs. Enyo can do that for us, enabling rapid development cycles covering all targets. Upon the hype of JavaScript, Enyo sets the serious face in multi-platform mobile development.

— Sergi Hernando, CTO, Mobivery

You can have small kinds, skinny kinds, big kinds, fat kinds, all kinds of kinds. The power it brings is Godly. I can make an 80's shagvan into a space ship, with far less energy, effort, and lines any other language, at >= 90% faster development rate than any other cross-platform 'tool'.

— Bryan Leasot, creator of Neo

Delivering gorgeous, fluid mobile apps on multiple platforms is very hard work. Enyo makes it possible to deliver more for less effort.

— Nils Kassube, Director of Development, newscope GmbH

Enyo is the right framework for Openbravo Mobile, as it provides the building blocks for developing a modular, extensible, thin, and fast mobile applications.

— Iván Perdomo, Principal Applications Engineer, Openbravo - read full blog post

Writing to Enyo feels like writing JavaScript as it should be - without the hacks and compromises. Enyo's overall structure is something you can immediately wrap your head around - its blocks-within-blocks is truly elegant, and encourages good habits both for code breakdown and HTML element use.

— Owen Swerkstrom, creator of Picross

As a leader in cross platform mobile development, SourceN is excited about the tremendous value that Enyo affords our customers. Enyo is a productive, flexible framework that helps SourceN deliver rich, highly interactive HTML5 apps - quickly and cost effectively. By solving some of the toughest problems facing HTML5 app developers, Enyo allows us to focus our energy on creativity and enriched user experience.

— Deepak Ramachandran, CTO, SourceN

Being compatible with most browsers on a wide range of devices, Enyo allows us to reduce platform-specific adaptations. Enyo contributes to the quality of our work, to the productivity of our teams, and helps to simplify maintenance. Furthermore, Enyo has been designed for mobile devices and meets critical performance constraints.

— Franck Gille, CTO, VisuaMobile

Enyo has become an instrumental part of xTuple's business strategy. It will allow us to offer an enterprise level product that works on all major platforms, both desktop and mobile, with a single code base. We believe over time this will prove to be a superior development model for any enterprise application...Enyo is about 90% smaller than [our previous framework]. As a result it is easier to learn and understand, so coding in it is a dream. It also comes with a set of widgets in its Onyx library that look great in all environments. Plus it's fast! Finally, Enyo is being actively developed and documented by a team of full time professionals. This was just too good to ignore...

— John Rogelstad, Director of Product Development, xTuple - read full blog post

I've been able to get my app running on iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, Android phones and tablets, webOS phones and TouchPad, Windows Phone devices, AND on the web in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE — all in about two months. That's essentially 8-10 platforms (depending on how you count) by a team of one developer and one designer.

— Geoff Gauchet (@zhephree)