Communications & Outreach


The Enyo Forums are the hub of the Enyo Community. From help ramping up into the framework, to learning tips and tricks and sharing your latest Enyo accomplishments, the forums are an excellent resource for Enyo developers.

Enyo Development Mailing List

The Enyo Development Mailing List is the home for technical discussions by core contributors. If you have an idea for a fix or feature you'd like to contribute, we strongly encourage you to float it for discussion first, particularly if it will involve a lot of work to implement.

Official Enyo Blog

Follow announcements from the Enyo team, highlights from the forums, news about the framework, apps in development, and more on the Enyo blog.


Follow the official @EnyoJS account

Follow the entire Enyo Team


Check out our events page for the latest in Enyo community events.


We're always active on our #enyojs Freenode IRC channel.


Community Gallery

The Enyo Community Gallery is a space where community members can show off and share Enyo add-ons and libraries they've created. Developers are encouraged to share their work here in the spirit of building an open and rich set of Enyo add-ons for the benefit of the whole community.

Submission instructions can be found on the Gallery repository's readme, and all are welcome to lend a hand!

Enyo Developer Directory

Looking for someone to build your Enyo app? The companies on our Developer Directory are experienced Enyo developers with an impressive roster of international clients.

Getting Involved

Use Enyo

You can really help us just by using Enyo!

  • Give us some feedback and support fellow developers on the forums
  • Report bugs and request features in the Enyo bug tracker
  • Spread the word! Tweet us, blog us, or just show off your awesome creations to your friends
  • Build and share your own Enyo add-ons in the Enyo Community Gallery

Contributing to Enyo

Enyo is an open source project, and we welcome outside contributors. Find out more about contributing on the Contribution page!